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By Solutum Internet Marketing

Since there are hundredths of websites with articles and information about Internet Marketing we will not bother explaining Internet Marketing in general, we’d rather share interesting additional specific information about Internet Marketing in Spain with you. In case you do want to read general information about Internet Marketing you can visit our website or search on Google with related keywords.

Internet Marketing in Spain: What’s different?

Well first of all the search results on for example Google are different than in Northern-European countries. Whilst in countries as the UK, The Netherlands etc. sites like directories and guides e.g. yellow pages are outranked by regular sites on sector specific keywords, the opposite situation is reality in Spain. What causes this situation?

Before going into details important is to keep in mind that Internet hasn’t penetrated into households as much as in the Northern-European countries and that the actual penetration has a short history. There’re many explanations for this slow development and they are linked to the cause of the different search results.

Cultural differences

One thing everybody knows, and it’s what Spain is famous for, is the sunny climate Spain has throughout the year. This has a big impact on the Spanish culture; people spend much more time outside that in the North of Europe. Therefore there isn’t sold as much online as in the north, people still prefer buying in a fiscal store than in an online store. Fear and uncertainty (caused by negative media, especially on TV) about giving credit card details via a computer do not help either. Online shops work best when they have an offline point that people can visit or call to, this way they have a greater feeling of security. It goes even this far that people rather give their credit card detail over the phone than via Internet, not the most realistic equation.

Website optimization

Since internet sales are not on the same level as in the north the investments on website optimization are also lower. You will encounter many unwanted websites about educational courses when you search for financial accountants or other service related search queries. Using the World Wide Web in Spain is not as easy as in countries where it is further developed.

Online Reputation Management

The reputation online of a company in Spain is just as important as in any other country. Although there is not a huge focus on online reputation management within most companies in Spain there are some very interesting cases where Spanish companies have lost a lot of clients due to not paying attention to what clients are saying about their company online. If you are planning to enter the Spanish market we can highly recommend to spent time and resources on a good online reputation management plan.

When will Spain be on top?

The keyword in Spain is time, it will take away all the gaping cliffs that there are now. Why? Well there’s a Spanish saying called “mañana, mañana” and this time it will be proven to be true. The reason is that in Madrid and Barcelona Internet Marketing companies are covering more and more ground helping to get the Spanish internet surfable. The southern region will follow soon, at least that is our vision!

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