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About Tenerife and Hotels in Tenerife
Tenerife is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain and offers many interesting attractions.
Apart from the lovely beaches and nice weather all year around Tenerife also offers many other interesting attractions like the big natural park Teide in central part of Tenerife where you can climb (or take a lift) to the top of the volcano.

The island of Tenerife can in be divided in two areas. The North part of the island where the capital Santa Cruz is located and which is the green part of Tenerife and the Southern part of Tenerife which has more days of sun per year and is where the main tourist destinations are located.

Depending on the type of holidays you are looking for you should choose the area accordingly. If you are most interested in a relaxed vacation enjoying the beaches, the many nice restaurants and bars you should defiantly choose one of the popular tourist destinations in the South. If you on the other hand prefer a more active vacation then the capital Santa Cruz.

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