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Granada is located in the eastern part of Andalucia (Southern Spain) at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains only 100 km away from the Mediterranean Sea. The town is also located near Sevilla and Malaga and it's within a 4 hours drive of Madrid. It is one of the eight regional capitals of Andalusia and the town has a population of nearly 300.000. Granada has a great diversity in its climate from a sunny Mediterranean summer to rain and snow in the winter.

The most important industrial sectors in Granada are the agricultural and the tourism industry. The many mountains in the province of Granada makes it a good location to produce Olives, as it is one of the only agricultural products that can grow in these conditions. In the part of Granada closer to the Mediterranean Sea there is also a large production of tobacco and sugar. Apart from the above industries Granada town is know for its craftsmanship producing handmade quality products such as guitars, pottery, board games and other products in wood.

The history of Granada is one of the most fascinating of Spain. The town has been settled by moors for nearly 8 centuries and was the last Moorish town to be conquered by the Christians in 1492. This interesting history is still very visible in the town where you can find famous monuments like Alhambra and Generalife (fortress and palace (see photo)) or the zone Albaicin with its mixture of typical Mujahardin and Spanish architecture.

Granada is also a popular university towns with more than 60.000 students a year, which is about 20% of the total population of the town. The high percentage of students in Granada makes the atmosphere in town very cheerful and with a very active nightlife everyday of the week (see Going Out at Night)

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