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Sport in Tenerife

Tenerife is much more than beach tourism and people coming to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. It is in fact quite possible to combine vacation with the practice of a favourite sport - particularly golf, beach and water-sports.

The excellent Tenerife climate ensures that you can play and improve your golf every day of the year and at any level. This golf friendly island is rapidly becoming the migration point for golfers from all over the world between the months of October and May. For a small fee you can rent your golf equipment at most clubs. Membership is not usually necessary and the atmosphere is relaxed.
The new Playa Las Americas course is excellent, a challenging 9 hole course within 500 meters of the beach. Other places where you can play golf at the South of Tenerife: Golf Del Sur, Los Palos Golf, Golf Adeje and Amarilla Golf. Golf Club Real at the North of Tenerife.

Lucha Canaria
"Lucha Canaria" is a traditional Canarian fighting sport between 2 Men in a Ring, in which the winner is the one that manages to make his opponent touch the floor with any part of the body (except the feet). A Game is normally played between 2 teams of 12 fighters each. The winning team is the one that eliminates all players of the opponent team. This game is often played informally on the beach.

The diving in Tenerife is excellent due to the underwater volcanic rock formations. Beginners can learn to dive and can obtain an internationally recognized Scuba Divers Certificate (PADI) quickly and safely.

Surfing and Windsurfing
El Medano is a popular bohemian town, frequented by surfers and water sports fanatics. Although windy, the sea is not too choppy, making it an excellent all year windsurfing competition site. El Medano has already hosted the world championships. Facilities include, Wind surfing club, hire and instruction.

Sea Trips
From Tenerife one can go on excursions by sea, either in boats visiting other islands on organized cruises or by renting sailing crafts.
The southwest of Tenerife is ideal for these purposes, as its coast overlooks a quiet strait 27 kilometres wide separating the island from La Gomera. This stretch of sea not only provides for easy and sunny sailing but also gives beautiful views of the mountains of both islands.

Puerto de Santiago: This rocky cove does not appear to have any particular name and is protected against out water by rocks. It has 3 different pools, usually calm and starting from very shallow to deeper water. All pools contain various marine life.
Playa San Juan: Located in the west of the island, the edges of this black sand beach are surrounded by rocks.
La Caletta: small Spanish village, great snorkelling cove with flat rocks into deeper water. Clear viewing, small flat reef, and located in the South of the island.

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