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Transportation in Granada - Car Rental, the Airport, Buses, Trains

Granada Airport
Granada Airport is located about 15 km. from the town center of Granada. The airport is not an international airport and foreigners therefore have to make a transfer in Madrid or fly to Malaga, which is located about 2 hours away. Granada airport is very small and is only connected with the biggest national airports. For Information call: 958 245 200

Granada Train Station
Granada train station connects the town to the rest of the Andalusian capitals as well as Madrid and a few other destinations. Taking the train is normally the fastest way to get from one part of Andalusia to another. It is a bit more expensive than the bus net but is compensated by being faster.
The train station in Granada is located on Avenida Andaluces s/n. For Information call 958 271 272.

Granada Central Bus Station
From the central bus station in Granada it is possible to find bus companies who connects Granada with all the provinces of Spain as well as some companies with international destinations. Taking a Bus in Spain is normally the cheapest alternative when wishing to travel within the country. The buses are modern and comfortable and the road net is usually effective although the many mountains and the heavy traffic (especially during the summer and during national holydays) can make it very time consuming.
The central bus station is located on Ctra de Jan s/n. For information call 958 185 480.

Car Rental
Being a tourist destination Granada has various different car rental companies and the rental price is not very expensive. When travelling with your family or friends it can therefore be the cheapest way to discover Spain.


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