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Restaunrants in Salamanca

Although Salamanca is a little city it is a popular tourist destination so there are relatively many places to eat out compared to the size of the city. Restaurants tend to start serving dinner at 20.00 until 23.00/24.00 and you normally do not need to reserve table only during weekends.

Eating Out
Salamanca is a town where you can find many types of places to eat out. The fact that Salamanca is a university town surrounded by quality farmland and also is a popular tourist destination has produced a great number of different restaurants. You can find everything from international fast-food chains, cheap university bistros to exclusive restaurants as well as a few international restaurants.
Depending on your appetite and taste there are different opportunities, which can be recommended. If you are not very hungry or just want to grab a snack the many tapa bars located in and around Plaza Mayor and the district of Van Dyck are good alternatives. There you can get a variety of snacks (hot and cold, meat or vegetarian) and enjoy a drink in the same place.
If you want to go out for a nice dinner we can recommend the area around Plaza Mayor and Gran Va where you can find a great number of Spanish restaurants. Each restaurant in Salamanca has it own speciality so if you like to try Spanish/ Salamanca specialities ask the weather for recommendation.

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