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Transportation in Madrid - Car Rental, the Airport, Buses, Trains

Barajas Airport
Barajas Airport is the only international airport in Madrid located to the Northeast of the town center. The airport is the biggest airport in Spain and domestically connects Madrid with all the rest of Spain. Internationally Barajas is becoming central for many South American destinations and it is possible find direct flights to most of the rest of the world. It is normally expensive to travel by air within Spain.
From Barajas airport you can get into the centre of the city in metro, bus, taxi or you can rent a car in one of the many car rental companies available in the airport. The cheapest and also fastest way is normally to use the metro, which will take you to the central metro station Nuevos Ministerios de Leon with connections to the rest of Madrid. There is a direct bus from the airport to Plaza Colon, which is a good option if you are going to that part of the city. There is normally heavy traffic from the airport to the centre that can make it a long trip by taxi or by car. The price for a taxi is around 20-40Eur depending on where in Madrid you are going, the traffic and the amount of luggage you are brining.
For Information call: 902 35 35 70.

Madrid Train Stations
Madrid has several important train stations, which connects the capital to the rest of Spain. Atocha is the oldest and biggest train station with destinations mainly to the South of Spain including the high-speed train Ave to Sevilla (which only takes about 2 hours). Chamartin connects Madrid to the North of Spain as well as to most of the European capitals. Taking the train is normally faster than the bus but is normally a bit more expensive.
The national train company Renfe runs all regional trains in Spain. For Information or reservations call 902 24 02 02.

Madrid Metro
The Metro system in Madrid was initiated in 1919 by Alfonso XII and today the network is 171.413km. long, with 11 different lines and 122 stations. One ticket costs 1.15, a 10 pass ticket costs 5.35 and a monthly pass 34.55. The metro is open everyday of the week from 6.00 in the morning till 1.30 in the night. Because of the heavy traffic in Madrid the metro network is normally the fastest way to get from one point of Madrid to another.
Metro Madrid information 91 552 59 09.
Madrid Metro Map (PDF)

Madrid Long Distance Bus Stations
Madrid also has 2 important long distance bus stations as well as various stations connecting Madrid with the surrounding villages of the province. Estacion Sur de Autobuses connects Madrid to the south and with many international destinations. Auto Res has mostly destinations to the North and to the East of Spain.
Taking a bus in Spain is normally the cheapest alternative when wishing to travel within the country. The buses are modern and comfortable and the road net is usually effective although the many mountains and the heavy traffic (specially during the summer and national holydays) can make it very time consuming.
Estacion Sur de Autobuses 91 551 72 00 and Auto Res 91 551 72 00.

Madrid Urban Bus Transportation
The bus net in Madrid covers an area much bigger than the metro network and is the only one open at night as well. The ticket system works like in the metro and the same ticket can be used for both types of transportation.
For information call 91 401 99 00.
Click here for more information about bus transportation in Madrid.

Car Rental
There are various different car rental companies in Madrid. If you are only planning to visit Madrid and the nearby provinces we recommend to use public transport. The heavy traffic in and around the town normally makes it very slow by car and in the center of Madrid it is nearly impossible to find a parking space. If you are planning to go further away and are travelling with your family or friends renting a car is normally the cheapest way to discover Spain.

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