Gastronomy in Granada

The cuisine in Granada is influenced much by its geographic situation between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. In Granada you can find classic Andalucian dishes such as fresh seafood or specialities from the Mountains like sausages or Spanish ham. Apart from the location the food customs in Granada are still influenced by the long Moorish occupation and is very rich in spices and sweets like honey.

Among some of the more classic Andalucian plates you can find in Granada are Gaspacho (mainly during the summer) a soup made by fresh blended vegetables. Seafood in different variation like grilled shrimps, or fish like red snapper, white bream and sea bream is also very popular.

If you want to try something very typical from Granada the 'tortilla Sacromonte' a Spanish omelette or 'habas con Jamon' beans cooked with Spanish ham are two good examples. Another exclusive dish from Granada is the 'jamon de trevelez' a special ham that is cured in the snow in one of the highest situated villages in Spain. This ham is often combined with two other specialities from Granada like 'papas a lo pobre' (potatoes and green peppers) and 'migas' (fried bread).

During the cold winter in Granada the main dishes served are pottages and stews of all kinds, like the 'Olla de San Antn' a very heavy dish made from different parts of the pig accompanied with rice and beans.

Sweets with honey are a very popular deserts dating back to the Moorish epoch. As two examples can be mentioned the 'torta real' or the 'bizcochada' both very sweet.

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