Calender & Holidays in Barcelona

Below you can find a description of local and national holidays and other celebrations in Barcelona in 2007.

1st of January - New year's day. National holiday. (S)

5-6th of January - The procession of the 3 Holy Kings. In Spain this event is celebrated with big parades for children where various famous people get the "honor" to play one of the 3 kings. On the morning of the 6th of January is when the children receive their gifts. (S)

March/April - Easter-Week. Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Monday of Passover are official holidays, although throughout Spain during holy week there are often celebrations and parades every day. (S)

23 April - Sant Jordi. This day celebrates saint Jordi (George) and the Day of the Book: This is where traditionally men give women roses and women give men books. (B)

1 May - Labour Day - A national holiday in Spain (S)

24 June - Dia de Sant Juan - A celebration of fireworks and bonfires. (S)

The Saturday nearest the 28th June - Dia per l’Alliberment Lesbià i Gai - is the Lesbian and Gay parade. (L)

15 August - Asuncion de la Virgen. This is a national holiday celebrating one of the patrons of Spain AND a local festival (Festa Major de Gràcia) held in Gràcia, where the streets are aligned with decoration, music and dancing. (S)

11 September La Diada - Catalonia’s National day. A celebration in the remembrance of the fall of Barcelona in 1714. (C)

24 September - Festival of La Mercè - This is the cities major festival, which lasts one week. Everybody parties in the streets; there are concerts, dancing, drinking, fireworks and even swimming races across the harbour. On the Saturday it is the traditiona of The Dances of Giants, a parade of dragons and devils from all around Catalunya. (B)

12 October - Dia del Hispanidad. This is a national holiday with official parades celebrating "being Spanish". (S)

1 November - All Saints day. National holiday in Spain. Halloween is celebrated in some places in Alicante but it is not a Spanish tradition. (S)

6 December - Constitution day in Spain. This is a National holiday, but is only celebrated with official events. (S)

8 December - Imaculada Concepcin. This is a national holiday celebrating the patron of Spain, la Imaculada Concepcin. (S)

25 December - Christmas day. National holiday. (S)

26 December - Saint Stephen's Day / Boxing Day (C)

(S) Holidays throughout Spain
(C) Holidays in Catalonia
(L) Local holidays in Barcelona

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