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Barcelona Sport

Barcelona offers activities for both sport enthusiasts and athletes alike to enjoy their favorite sport in a variety of ways. With it's proximity to both the sea and mountains it is possible to engage in some adventure sport as well. Barcelona is home to several professional league sports team, which makes the city quite popular for those fans. FC Barcelona, one of the biggest, most popular football clubs in Europe, and RCD Espanyol are the two football clubs of Barcelona. Winterthur FCB is their professional basketball team and FC Barcelona-Cifec for handball. Both football clubs play in five-star stadiums, one that was also used when Barcelona hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics.

It is possible to practice all kinds of sports in Barcelona, from water sports, golf, cycling, football, and mountain activities. In the winter time, there are several ski resorts in the Catalonia region, La Molina is one to the north of Barcelona, accessible by train or car. La Molina also has summer sport options including swimming, archery, and boat trips.
Barcelona has bicycle tours, hunting, fishing, and one of the best harbors in Spain, called Marina Port Vell, which offers all types of services and is quite close to the city center as well as restaurants and shops.

Below you can find some examples of where to practice different sport activities.

Ski Resorts:
La Molina: (+34) 972 892 031 -
Baquiera: (+34) 973 639 010 -
Aransa: (+34) 973 293 051 -
Espot Esqui: (+34) 973 624 058 -
Guils Fontanera: (+34) 972 197 047 -
La Maselaa: (+34) 972 144 000 -

Club de Golf Can Cuys: (+34) 936 855 566
Club de Golf Castellterol: (+34) 938 668 620
Club de Golf Costa Brava: (+34) 972 837 055
Club de Golf Ribera Salada: (+34) 973 299 282
Club de Golf Sant Cugat: (+34) 936 743 908
Club de Golf Sant Joan: (+34) 936 753 050
Club de Golf Santa Ins: (+34) 937 445 066

Adventure Sport:
Costa Brava Cliffs and hiking routes
Walking and Trekking Routes through Catalonia Best Peaks and Valleys
Boi Taull Resort: (+34) 902 406 640 -
Cathelicpters (+34) 932 240 710 -
Obrint Via, S.L. (+34) 933 190 895 -
Segre Mitj (+34) 932 053 667

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