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Hotels Available in Alicante
Although Alicante is a relatively small city there is a great range of hotels available in all categories from luxury 5 star hotels like the Hospes Amerigo hotel in central Alicante to cheaper 1 and 2 star hotels.

When choosing a hotel in Alicante apart from taking into consideration the category of the hotel you should also think about the location. Most of the hotels in Alicante is located in the historic part of the city which is the area in the second line to the sea. This is a relatively quiet area and everything is within easy walking distance.
You can also find a few and very nice hotels in the new harbour area. This is an area full of life both during the day and during the night and as there is a number of bars and clubs this area is most suited for people that like to go out at night (all though during weekdays there is not a lot of noise).
There is also a third area a little further away from the sea which is the "business" district of Alicante where you will find most companies and this is also located near the train station.

We can also recommend that you go through the reviews made by other clients before choosing a final hotel as this will help you get a better view of what other people think about the hotel.

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We hope you have a very pleasant stay in Alicante and if you have any questions about the city we will be happy to help you.

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