Business Lodging in Barcelona

If you are coming to Barcelona on a business trip we can offer you a great range of different type of accommodations all over the city of Barcelona. Apart from a great range of hotels we have apart-hotels or you can rent your own apartment – all at the best prices available.
As we are located in Spain we can also help you with any specific enquiries or contacts you need to make for your business trip to Barcelona like arranging airport pick-up or car rental.
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Where to Stay and What to Book for your Business Trip to Barcelona
The first thing you will have to decide upon is which part of Barcelona is most suited for your business trip. If you are planning a short trip or are planning to leave early in the morning when departing then the area close to the airport is properly the best solution as the traffic in the morning in Barcelona from the centre to the airport is very intensive.

If you are staying for longer period or just want to experience part of Barcelona when you are not working the centre of Barcelona is a good option as you will be within walking distance of fantastic monuments, nice restaurants and maybe a bar for drink after work.

As to the type of accommodation it of course depends on your personal preferences. We do as mention offer both hotels, apart-hotels and apartments which are available from down to one day rentals. If you are planning to stay for longer period in Barcelona then an apartment might make you feel more at home at it will give you the advantage that you don't have to eat all your meals out and is defiantly the best option if you are planning on getting visitors. For shorter period most people prefer a hotel or an apart-hotel because the service and advice they can offer you at the reception (i.e. getting a taxi, reserving a table at a restaurant etc.) can be very useful.

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