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If you are planning to visit Malaga and are looking for affordable accommodation we can offer you the cheapest hostels and pensions available in Malaga.
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Below you can find further recommendations about where in Malaga to choose a hostel as well as information about the hostels available in Malaga.

Hostels in Malaga
Most hostels and pensions in Malaga are located within the historic centre of Malaga which is also where all the bars and clubs in Malaga are situated so there is plenty of night life in this area.

The standard of the hostels in Malaga is in general good compared to hostels in other cities of Spain. Many are located in old reformed buildings and occupy the whole building. You can find both hostels that offers single/double rooms as well as room sharing and normally the hostels also have some common area where you can socialise and meet new people.

The main problem with the hostels in the historic centre of Malaga is properly the noise during the night so if you do not plan to go out a lot at night then it is properly better for you to book one of the few hostels located outside the old centre.

Most people that stay in hostels in Malaga are young travellers between 18-28 years old but in pensions and hostels that offers double and individual rooms it is also common to find people in all age groups. Staying in a hostel is a good way to meet new people (especially in the hostels that offers room sharing) and you will find many people from all over the world.

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