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Before you start you search for a hotel you can find a useful mini guide about where in Salamanca to book your hotel below.

Hotels Available in Salamanca
Although Salamanca is a relatively small city it is a popular tourist destination both amongst Spanish and foreigners and therefore the city has a decent offer of hotels in all categories. The city apart from the many wonderful monuments is one of the most important university cities of Spain.

Approximately half of all hotels in Salamanca are located within the old historic centre and the rest in the outskirts and residential areas of Salamanca.

The historic centre is defiantly the most beautiful part of Salamanca and is where you will find all the monuments and nice buildings but this is also the area where the many students that live in Salamanca goes out at night so it can be a bit noisy depending on exactly where the hotel is located. If you do not plan to visit Salamanca to experience the night life then you should be careful about booking a hotel in the historic centre if you want a good night sleep.

Outside the historic centre there are also many nice hotels to choose from. Although this part of Salamanca is not as beautiful as the historic centre it is defiant more quiet at night. Furthermore the city of Salamanca is not very big so you can find nice hotels outside the historic centre that are still within 10 minutes walk from the central square Plaza Mayor.

Below you can find some examples of different hotels in Salamanca. To make a booking, check availability and prices or for information about other hotels available in Salamanca please Click Here.

Examples of Hotels in Salamanca
The prices indicated for the hotels are approximately prices and can vary depending on availability, time of the year, type of room etc. To request exact prices please use the search box below.

The Tryp Salamanca Hotel is a 4 star hotel located along the Paseo de Canalejas, 5 minutes from the Plaza Mayor.

The hotol offers all the comforts of a modern and functional hotel with 63 rooms all equipped with independent air-condition, mini-bar, TV and phone.
The price per night starts at 125 for a double room.

Hotel San Polo is a 3 star hotel situated in the center of Salamanca next to the San Polo Romanic church. All rooms are equipped with independent air-condition, mini-bar, TV and phone and the hotel has a restaurant and meeting facilities.
The price for a single standard room starts at 100 per night and for a double room 134 per night.

Petit Palace Las Torres is a 3 star hotel placed in the historic heart city centre of Salamanca (Cultural City), in a magnificent building of "Barroco-Churrigueresco" style, with a view to the Major Square. It belongs to the historic and monumental set of the greater Square.

The price for a single standard room starts at 65 per night and for a double room 90 per night.

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