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Museums in Salamanca

Museum of Salamanca
Patio de las Escuelas Menores, 2.
Phone 923 212 235
Closed Sunday afternoons and Mondays.
The museum of Salamanca has a permenent exhibitions of Spanish, Flemish, Dutch and French paintings from the 14th century to present time.

The History Museum of Salamanca
Plaza de San Juan XXIII, 15-17.
Phone 923 214 180
Closed Sunday afternoons and Mondays.
This museum is dedicated to show the history of Salamanca and includes archaeological findings, old urban city planes, models of the town from different time periods and remains of old buildings.

Museum of New and Decorative Arts
Gibraltar, 4.
Phone 923 121 425
Closed Mondays.
The Museum of New and Decorative Arts is located in Casa Lis a beautiful building from the beginning of the 20th century. Here you can find collections of decorative arts from the 19th century and an amazing collection of porcelain dolls and peculiar objects.

Cathedral Museum
Plaza Patio Chico, 4.
Phone 923 217 476
Closed Sunday afternoons.
This museum is located in the Cathedral and contains paintings of Juan de Flandes and Fernando Gallego and the famous sculpture 'Anaya´s tomb' from the XVth century made by Francisco de Salamanca.

Museum of Unamuno
Libreros, 25.
Phone 923 294 400
Closed Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
This was the residence of the famous writer and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno. Here you can find personal items, archives, old intact investigation rooms and a large library.

The University Collection
Patio de las Escuelas s/n.
Phone 923 294 400
Closed Sunday afternoons and Mondays.
In the University Collection stands out the famous "El Cielo de Salamanca" (Salamanca´s Sky) painted by Fernando Gallego in 1490. The collection also contains works of Juan de Borgoña and other artists from the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Fonseca College Museum
Fonseca, 4.
Phone 923 294 570
Closed Mondays.
This small museum has an interesting collection of clocks some of them dating back to the beginning of the 19th century.

Bullfighting Museum
Dr. Piñuela, 5-7.
Phone 923 235 432
Closed Mondays.
The Bullfighting Museum contains general information about the history and origins of bullfighting. The museum is divided in 3 sections one about the bulls, one about the bullfighters and one about art dedicated to bullfighting.

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