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This site is dedicated to help you find accommodation in Tenerife. There are many different possibilities depending on your budget, your personal preferences, the number of people travelling together and the amount of time you are planning to stay in Tenerife. We can help you find accommodation all over Tenerife in the tourist destinations or the capital Santa Cruz and we offer everything from cheap hostels to luxury hotels and apartments for rent.

As we understand that people have different priorities the accommodation we offer is divided into different sub-sections (Hotels, Cheap Hostels, Apartments for Rent and you can also find useful information about Student Accommodation in Tenerife).
For further information or to make a booking please see the sub-sections below.

Hotels in Tenerife - Here you can find hotels all over Tenerife in all categories and at the best prices guaranteed.

Cheap Hostels in Tenerife - If you are looking for a cheap place to stay in Tenerife we can offer you hostels from 11Eur per night.

Apartments for in Tenerife - In this section you can find information about short and long term rentals of apartments and villas in Tenerife.

Student Accommodation in Tenerife - Here you can find a useful guide about how to find and book student accommodation in Tenerife.

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If you are interested in buying a property in Spain please see our Property Guide with recommendations about how to find the right property and things to be aware of and information about financial and legal aspects of buying a property in Spain.

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