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If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Salamanca we can offer you a great selection hostels and pensions in Salamanca from 14Eur per night.
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Below you can find further information and recommendations about where in Salamanca to book a hostel.

Hostels in Salamanca
Salamanca is one of the most important university cities in Spain and therefore although it is a small city there is a decent offer of cheap accommodation from youth hostels and pensions to cheap hotels.

About half of all hostels, pensions and cheap hotels are located within the historic centre of Salamanca and the rest in the residential areas outside the historic centre.

The accommodation in the historic centre is typically old reformed buildings whereas outside the historic centre you can find newer buildings. In general the quality of hostels in Salamanca is OK compared to other cities in Spain (take a look at reviews from previous guests before booking) but you should of course not expect any luxury.

If you are coming to Salamanca to go out at night and experience the many student bars and clubs then the historic centre is the best location as this is where nearly all bars and clubs are located and everything is within a few minutes walk. On the other hand if you are not planning on going out much and plan to go to bed at a decent time then you should be careful about booking a hostel in the historic centre as this area can be a bit noisy. There are parts of the historic centre where there is not much noise at night but take this into consideration before you decide upon a location.

The areas outside the historic centre are a bit boring but are normally located about 10-20 minutes walk from the centre so although you decide to stay in outside the historic centre you will still be within a short walk.

The majority of hostels in Salamanca offers double or single rooms but you can find a few that offers room sharing. Room sharing is in general less expensive and is also a great way to meet new people if you are travelling alone.

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