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In Spain there are an estimated 1 million apartments and villas available for vacation rentals throughout the country and it is becoming more popular every year to rent an apartment or a villa instead of booking a hotel.

The great majority of the rental properties available in Spain are owned by private owners (both Spanish and foreign property owners) that rent out their apartments or villas part of the year through specialised rental agencies. This how they get an additional income when they do not use their property and they do not need to worry about handling the bookings and reservations.

It used to be very complicated to rent a vacation property in Spain having to go through newspaper ads or dealing with local agencies and ending up with a property that was not as expected but with the online vacation rental websites.

Why Rent an Apartment or a Villa Instead of Reserving a Hotel
Renting a villa or an apartment for your vacation in Spain has many advantages compared to reserving a hotel or a complete vacation package.

First of all it can be much cheaper especially if you are planning to travel more than two people together.
With the number of low cost airlines available today and the great amount of vacation rental properties available in Spain you will normally save up to 50% if you travel 4 people together and decide to book for example a two bedroom apartment compared to booking two separate hotel rooms. And if you are travelling more people together you will even safe more and in some cases it might be the only possibility if you want to stay in the same place.

Another great advantage of renting a villa or an apartment is that you will have much more space including your own living room and kitchen.
Of course you travel to Spain to enjoy the weather, beaches, the food, golf courses, culture, monuments, bars or whatever your reasons to visit Spain but it is still nice to have a place to relax for a couple of hours with your friends or family, to have drink before going out or maybe arranging your own barbeque instead of eating out every night.

Holidays rentals are available all over Spain both in the most popular tourist resorts next to all the tourist hotels or in more a quit residential area which offers you the possibility to decide exactly where you want to stay.

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