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Transportation in Valencia - Car Rental, the Airport, Buses, Trains

Valencia Airport
Valencia’s Aeropuerto de Manises is located 10km west of the city centre. There are daily scheduled internal flights, as well as many cities and over 16 European countries. There are two buses (Aero Bus) that take you to the city centre but go on different routes. The bus from ValenciaAirport to the city centre takes approximately 20 minutes. It runs between the hours of 6.00am until 22.00pm and costs €2.50. It is a direct route to the centre and stops behind Estación del Norte, which is Valencia’s central station. Line 150 takes longer at around 45 minutes but has many more stops. The price is cheaper at €.1.05. The ultimate stop on this bus is at the central bus station where there buses to everywhere in and around the city.
here are many taxi ranks outside the terminal building and the journey into the centre of town takes around 15 minutes and will normally cost around 12 - 15 euros.

Estación del Norte is Valencia’s main train station and it is located in the city centre. It is also one of the first fascinating buildings the travellers see when they arrive. There are several daily trains to Madrid (€35, 3.5hours and €18.10, 5.5 hours) and to Barcelona (including the high speed Euromed). Generally you can get to most major cities in Spain from this train station. For more information visit the Renfe website:

Valencia's metro system is very clean, modern and spacious. There are 5 lines that connect between different areas of the old city centre, new city, Rio Turia, the University of Valencia, the suburban towns/beaches and the airport. It is one of the easiest and cheapest modes of transport to use at only 1.70Eur.

The hi-speed Trams in Valencia are another alternative. You buy the tickets in the same way as the metro and your ticket is in fact valid for both depending on the stop you have chosen. This is because the tram line is on the metro map and is seen as Line 4.
The Valencia tram is a great alternative to taking the bus or car to the city beach and it is usually well air conditioned. The nearest tram stop in the city is at Pont de Fusta. A single journey costs 1.10 euros and a carnet of ten tickets costs €5.40. You can purchase the tickets from the station, but be sure to have change for the machine.The tram travels alongside the universities and colleges of Valencia and takes about ten minutes and there will not be any traffic jams!

The red Valencia city EMT buses have 91 lines by day and run until around 10pm with 7 lines that run a late night service. There are also buses to many cities within Spain. To find out more information on routes and timetables go to the website:

For the general tourist or traveller, in a city like Valencia, it is better to use their very efficient and economic modes public transportation. Street parking can be difficult; however there are large car parks beneath Plaza of de La Reina, Alfonso el Magnánimo and on calle Roger de Lauria, off Calle Colón.

It is possible to find a taxi in most places in Valencia, however the beach area at winter time can be very challenging to find one. Like most places taxis vary in cost depending on the time of day or night. There are numbers you can call for a pick-up:
Call Radio-Taxi:963 703 333
Radio Taxi Manises 961 521 155
Teletaxi: 963 571 313.

Try the healthiest and most personal way to tour a city…bike it! Valencia is a bicycle friendly city. Not only are the streets flat, it also has great facilities for riding bikes. Many of Valencia’s roads have bike lanes and the Rio turia is a bicycle haven because it stretches around the city. Bikers access it as an entrance in or an exit out of the old centre, City of the Arts and Sciences and many other places. It’s a place where you can go at higher speed and breathe fresh air as you are surrounded by only flora. There are lots of places to park your bike, all around the city beach, universities and the centre. Though be wise and get a decent lock or two as there are always cases of bike thieving. They tend to sell locks in many of the local shops.
In Valencia bicycles are very cheap if you want a bike for a long period of time, then the best thing is to look around the notice boards at university or shops for students selling them. There is also a flee market by the Valencia’s football stadium, Mestalla that takes place on Sundays. Here you can find second hand bicycles to purchase. To rent a bike, there are several companies where prices vary according to how long you wish to rent it.

Travel Cards
The Valencia Travel Card is especially for tourists. It is a combined card offering free public transport and discounts on museums, leisure activities, shops and restaurants until the date of expiry at 12 midnight.

Terms of use are as follows:
- The card is validated when it is used for the first time on public transport.
- The card can be bought at many tourist information sites.

Prices range from:
·1 day - €6
·2 days - €10
·3 days - €12

Also there is Bonobus – A travel card for buses that costs €5.40. It is valid for 10 journeys and you can purchase them from kiosks and shops with a red EMT sign. The card is validated when it’s used for the first time. Normally a bus journey costs €1.10, so if you plan to use the buses then it is definitely cheaper.

For the metro it is the same price and called, Bonometro. It is valid for 10 journeys and available for all zones. You can buy the card at metro stations and from automatic vending machines. The card is validated when it’s used for the first time.

If you're coming to Valencia for more than a couple of weeks then you may want to buy the Abono transporte which is valid for a month and costs €32.00 for adults and if you are under 21, €24.00.

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