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About Valencia and Hotels Available in Valencia
Valencia is the 3rd biggest city in Spain and is becoming more and more popular to visit both for tourist and business. During the last decade the city has changed a lot and is today a modern city that also offers many old monuments and cultural attractions.
Since the celebration of the Americas Cup in Valencia and the installation of the European Formula One Grand Prix in Valencia within the last few years the city has got further modernised to prepare for these events.

Today in Valencia you can find hotels in all categories and in different parts of the city. Before choose a hotel you should take into consideration the area where the hotel is located and below you can find some general advice.

The historic centre of Valencia is where the majority of hotels are located and is also the most popular area amongst tourist in Valencia. In the historic centre you will be within walking distance of all the main monuments and cultural attractions in the city and will also have a great selection of restaurants and places to go out at night.

The port area of Valencia is the area of the city that has undergone the biggest changes and restoration in the last years. For the Americas cup the port was completely restored and a lot of new hotels where constructed in this area. The formula one grand prix is also celebrated in this area and apart from the hotels there are a number of nice restaurants, bars and clubs and shopping areas. As this area is more upper class and trendy the average price is a bit higher than in the historic centre but the quality is also very good.

Apart from these two central located areas there are many hotels in all category located in the outskirts of Valencia. These hotels are in general much cheaper than a similar quality hotel in the centre but in many of these areas there is not much to do or see. If you do not plan to go out for dinner or for a drink at night then this is fine because the public transportation is ok during the day time but if you plan to go out at night then you will have to take taxis to get to the centre and back which can outweigh what you save on the hotel.

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