Gastronomy in Salamanca

Salamanca and the rest of Castilla Leon is an area of Spain known for its quality agricultural products. The many different sausages and Spanish ham 'Jamon Serrano' is among the most popular products of the region. The area also has an important production of cheese and specialities like the 'Alberca' beans and the almonds from Alba de Tormes.

The food served in Salamanca depends on the season as the temperature differs a lot between winter and summer. During the cold winter stews of all kinds (chicken stew, pork stew, stewed meatballs etc.) and other 'heavy' plates as the "Morucha" beefsteak (a special breaded calf from the area called Huerga) are very popular dishes. In the summer 'tapas' of all kinds is a very common dish in Salamanca. Tapas are a snacks (hot or cold) and in Salamanca the tapas are mainly made by products from the region such as sausages and Spanish ham

If you want to try something very typical from Salamanca the 'Hornazo' a salty pastry, made by ham, sausage, bacon and egg or "Chanfaina" rice prepared with sausage and other swine cuts are two good examples. Another exclusive dish from Salamanca is "Farinato", which is cured pork sausage traditionally served with fried eggs.

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