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There are many interesting things to do and see in the province of Madrid and in the nearby provinces of Castilla la Mancha to the North and Castilla Leon to the South. Below you can find information about the most popular places to visit nearby Madrid and how to get there by bus, car or train. If you are looking for arranged group excursions please see the section Tourist Activities in Spain

Alcala de Henares is a small village situated 30km. from Madrid, which in 1998 has been named World Heritage City by UNESCO. In this village you can find the University of Alcala from the 16th century, the natal house of the Spanish author Cervantes, which today is a museum and the San Bernando convent from 1618. Alcala de Henares can be reached by car (Nacional II) or by train from Atocha.

Aranjuez is another interesting small village located 47km. from Madrid. In 2001 Aranjuez was named World Heritage City by UNESCO for its unique architectural heritage, which makes it one of the most popular tourist attraction of the region. This small village was used as the royal residence of Philip II and today people can still visit the palace.
Aranjuez is also known for its beautiful gardens and natural surroundings and for the Casa del Labrador designed by Villanueva in a neo classic style. Aranjuaz can be reached by car (Nacional IV), by train from Atocha or by bus from Estacion Sur de Autobuses.

San Loranzo de El Escorial is located 50 km. from Madrid. In this beautiful village Phillip II decided to build the Royal residence in 1563. The palace designed by architect Juan Bautista is made up of 16 small gardens and a 92 meter high chapel in the center of the palace. El Escorial is also the palace where many of the kings and queens of Spain lies buried in the incredible Panteon de los Reyes (Royal burial place) all designed in gold. San Loranzo de El Escorial can be reached by car (Nacional IV and M-505), by train from Atocha or by bus from Moncloa bus station.

Avila is located in the Province Castilla de Leon 115 km. from Madrid. This village was first inhabited by the Vetons who build a defensive fortress and town wall. In Avila you can also find several Roman constructions like the Basilica de San Vicente from the 12th century or the churches San Andres and San Vicente. The cathedral in Avila is also worth a visit and is considered to be the oldest Gothic cathedral in Spain. Avila can be reached by car (Nacional VI and N-114) or by bus from Paseo de Florida, 11.

Segovia is located 87km. from Madrid in the province Castilla de Leon. This town is principally visited by tourist to see the 16km. long Roman Aqueduct, which is one of the longest and best kept Roman Aqueducts in the world. Apart from the Aqueduct visitors can find the Cathedral and the castle Alcazar both build in a Gothic style.
Segovia can be reached by car (Nacional VI and N-603), by train from Atocha or by bus from Paseo de Florida, 11

Toledo is located 85km. from Madrid in the Province of Castilla la Mancha. This town, which once inspired to be the capital of Spain, is another of the many towns in and around Madrid named World Heritage City by UNESCO. In Toledo you can find a great mixture of cultures and monuments made by the Romans, the Arabs, the Jews and the Spaniards. The town walls surrounding Toledo was originally build by the Romans and later rebuild by the Arabs and inside the walls the Jewish synagogue del Transito or the Cathedral is worth a visit. Toledo can be reached by car (Nacional IV) or by bus from Estacion Sur del Autobuses.

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