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If you are planning to travel to Spain or to stay here for a longer period there is a lot of information which will be helpful for you to know before visiting Spain. In this section you can find information about Visa requirements, advice on where to buy essential things as stamps and bus tickets (see below), general opening hours and how to convert from miles to km. See also our special section move to Spain with useful information if you are planning to move to Spain.

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Where to buy stamps, bus tickets and telephone cards
In Spain the easiest way to buy stamps, bus/metro tickets and telephone cards are through the small shops known as "Estancos" (although the door sign says "Tabacos"). The "Estancos" also sell tobacco products and can be found on every street throughout the country. It is also possible to buy stamps in the post office and some paper shops and bus/metro tickets in most of the bus/metro stations.

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