Calender & Holidays in Granada

Below you can find a description of local and national holidays and other celebrations in Granada.

1st of January - New year's day. National holiday.

2nd of January - Celebration of the catholic conquest of Granada in 1492. The occasion is celebrated with street parades and other official events.

5-6th of January - The procession of the 3 Holy Kings. In Spain this event is celebrated with big parades for children where various famous people get the "honor" to play one of the 3 kings. On the morning of the 6th of January is when the children receive their gifts.

1st of February - San Cicilio. San Cicilio is the local patron of Granada and the day is celebrated with procession, dancing and other festivities.

The 3rd and 4th week of February - Carnival. The yearly carnival is celebrated all over Spain with events like parades, mask and costume parties.

28th of February - Day of Andalusia. A state holiday throughout Andalusia.

March/April - Easter-Week. Easter is one of the most important religious events in Granada, and the rest of Andalusia. It is celebrated with impressive religious processions where statuettes of Jesus and Virgin Maria are carried around the town, with music and participants in special costumes.

1st of May - International Labor day. A national holiday in Spain.

3rd of May - Cruces de Mayo. This day is celebrated in Granada with competitions in decorating the most beautiful cross with flowers and is a local holiday.

26th of May - Mariana Pineda. Mariana Pineda was a revolutionary from Granada who was sentenced to death by king Fernando VII. The day is celebrated on the central square Mariana Pineda but is not a holiday.

18th of June - This used only to be a religious event celebrated with processions in the center of Granada, but is today also celebrated with important bullfighting events.

23rd of June - San Juan. San Juan is the longest day of the year and is celebrated with campfires and parties. (not a holiday)

End of June and beginning of July - The international Music and Dance Festival. This event is celebrated with artists from all over Europe in Alhambra and in an open-air theater in the Generalife gardens.

15th of August - Asuncin de la Virgen. This is a national holiday celebrating one of the patrons of Spain.

29th of September - Virgen de las Angustias. Virgen de las Angustias is the patron of Granada and people celebrate the event with processions and by donating flowers to the virgin.

12th of October - Dia del Hispanidad. This is a national holiday with official parades celebrating "being Spanish".

1st of November - All Saints day. National holiday in Spain. Halloween is celebrated in some places in Granada but it is not a Spanish tradition.

6th of December - Constitution day in Spain. This is a National holiday, but is only celebrated with official events.

8th of December - Imaculada Concepcin. This is a national holiday celebrating the patron of Spain, la Imaculada Concepcin.

25th of December - Christmas day. National holiday.

28th of December - This is the day where people makes jokes upon each other (like the 1st of April in many other countries).

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