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Spanish Town Guides is part of Accom Consulting a company specialized in offering all types services to tourists, business people, students and people interested in settling down in Spain. Among our many activities are organising student activities, we offer accommodation, we have a mobile phone rental service and we organize tourist activities. We also work with professional consultants and legal advisors in helping foreigners setting up a business or buying a property in Spain.

To be able to offer our clients a better service we have created this guide 'Spanish Town Guides' about Spain (which also is available in hard copy and an e-book version). The information included in this guide range from cultural and general information about Spain and 5 different Spanish towns (Madrid, Malaga, Granada, Salamanca and Sevilla) to specific information about accommodation, restaurants, bars, transportation, leisure and much more. Apart from the tourist information this web site also offers assistance to people who are preparing to move to Spain and looking for a job or a Spanish language course in Spain. Furthermore you can receive personal help and advice through Spanish Town Guides if you are planning to set up a new business or looking for a property in Spain.

We hope you find the information provided in this guide useful. As we are constantly trying to improve and expand Spanish Town Guides we will welcome any comments or recommendations you might have.

Kind Regards,

The Spanish Town Guides Team

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