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The gastronomy of Barcelona can be described as a dynamic combination of tradition with a variety of influences from other cultures. It clearly sparks the Mediterranean flavor into the palate with the use of olive oil, fresh vegetables, produce, fish and meat. There is a lot of originality in the dishes due to Barcelona's closeness to both the sea and mountains. A well-known and popular dish in Barcelona is la escudella, a kind of stew that is typical of the region. It is normally comprised of vegetables, noodles, rice and potatoes. This is a common meal for the regular weekdays at home.

One specialty dish made of seafood that is quite normal to see on a menu, yet luxurious, is named like a Spanish operetta, Zarzuela. Zarzuela is made with cuttlefish, prawn, mussels, and sometimes also has lobster. Some traditional desserts in the Barcelona area are Crema Catalana which is a made of a custard base topped with caramelized sugar. Some typical additions to this dessert are created by adding honey or pine nuts. Another common dessert is Menjar Blanc, which is a pudding made from almond milk.

If you are planning on going to Barcelona you can find a list of interesting tours arranged in Barcelona all related to food and wine. For further information about restaurants in Barcelona please see Barcelona Restaurants.

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