Nearby Towns of Sevilla

There are many interesting places to visit in the province of Sevilla and in the nearby towns in the rest of Andalusia. Below you can find information about the most popular places to visit nearby Sevilla. If you are looking for arranged group excursions please see the section Tourist Activities in Spain.

Only 10 km from Sevilla you find the Ruins of Italica where the Roman general Scipio settled down in 3rd century b.c. Here you can discover remains of the colossal Amphitheatre, one of the largest of the Roman Empire with capacity for 25,000 spectators and also other ruins of houses and palaces build by the Romans.

East of Sevilla, about 33km away you find the village Carmona with an interesting mixture of remains from different cultures. Carmona was originally built as a fortress by the Carthaginians. The Romans expanded the town on the Carthaginian structure wherefrom you can finds remains like the Roman Amphitheatre. The Moors also settled down in Carmona and from this period is the splendid Alczar Gate.

Ecija is another interesting villages located on the border of provinces of Sevilla and Cordoba. This village is famous for its many towers, temples and palaces from different periods and also for its Arab baths. To mention a few of the many attractions there are the palaces of the Marqueses of Peaflor and the Condes de Valverde, the 11 towers of Alberrana Merino and Pescadera and the churches Iglesia de Santiago, San Gil and the Convent de los Descalzos.

For people interesting in taking a weekend trip a bit further away Granada, Malaga and Cadiz are a good options.

Granada is a town for cultural as well as other entertaining activities. Apart from the beautiful Moorish monuments (i.e. Alhambra see photo) the town is full of life (day and night) as it is a university town with more than 60.000 students. During the winter the ski sport resort Sierra Nevada is an option for ski fans lying just an hour away from Granada.

Malaga is located on the Mediterranean coast also known as the Sunny Coast (Costa del Sol), with more than 320 days of sun. It is a very popular tourist destination and is the perfect location for people interested in relaxing on the beach or practising water sports like scuba diving, jet-ski or surfing. Apart from the beach you can also discover some of the biggest and most popular pubs and discos in Spain in the tourist areas of Costa del Sol.

In the province of Cadiz to South of Sevilla people interested in wind surfing can find one of the best places in the world - Tarifa. From Cadiz it is also possible to visit the rock of Gibraltar, the British tax free colony in the Iberian Peninsula. For people interested in seeing the capital Cadiz it can be recommend to go there during the carnival (February), as they celebrate it with great style. While visiting Cadiz it can be recommended to also visit the town Jerez, which is famous for its Sherry production and for its 'dancing horse shows'.

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