Vacation Rentals of Apartments in Madrid

Renting your own apartment for your vacations in Madrid instead of booking a hotel is becoming more and more popular. We can offer you a great selection of apartments all over Madrid from small studios apartments to big luxury flats - for a full list of apartments available Click Here.

All apartments are fully furnished with an equipped kitchen, bathroom and living rooms and are offered in collaboration with BookAssist an Irish company that offers apartments for rent all over the world.
You can find full information about the apartments available including photos and reviews from previous tenants Here.

Why Rent an Apartment
There are many reasons why renting your own apartment is becoming more and more popular but the main reasons are price, its more comfortable and the easiness of booking an apartment online today.

Renting an apartment is in most cases cheaper than a similar quality hotel especially when you are travelling 3 or more people together and if you are planning to travel together with 4-10 people you can save great amount on booking an apartment. Furthermore as all apartments have a fully equipped kitchen you can save money on not having to eat all your meals out.

An apartment is for many people also more comfortable as you will have a living room where you can socialise and you will not be disturbed by housekeepers, bell boys or other hotel staff during your stay.

Booking a vacation apartment in a foreign country like Spain used to be very complicated including signing contracts directly with the owner and the information available about the apartments were not always correct. Today you can book a vacation apartment just like you book a hotel online and you can go through photos, read reviews from previous tenants and make a final reservation online.

If you are planning to move to Madrid to for longer period it can also be highly recommended to start renting an apartment for a few weeks. This will give you time to find the right apartment for long term rental and can save your problems having to sign a long term rental contract without even having seen the apartment.

For examples of apartments available in Madrid including photos Click Here.

Apartments in Madrid

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