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If you are planning on visiting Madrid on a business trip we can offer you a great range of different type of accommodation from hotels and apart-hotels to your own apartment and all over the city.
Apart from the great range of accommodation you can also find useful information about where in Madrid to book your accommodation and if you need assistance with booking airport pick up or other services we can also help you..
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Where and How to Stay for your Business Trip to Madrid
The two most important decisions are where in Madrid to stay and in what type of accommodation.

As Madrid is very big city and with different business districts the location is properly the first thing to decide upon.
If you are not planning to stay for more than a day or two or if you are planning to leave very early in the morning when departing then the area close to the airport and the congress centre IFEMA is a very good option as the traffic in the centre of Madrid to the airport is very heavy and time consuming especially early in the morning.

If you are planning to stay for a longer period then the airport district is not very interesting because it is an area without any interesting attractions (although you are in Madrid for business it is nice to be able to go for a coffee or a bear after a hard days work).
The main business district of Madrid around the area of Paseo Castellana is a very good option in this case (even if you will be working in the historic centre or the barrio Salamanca as these areas are located within a short distance). The area of Paseo Castellana has a lot of nice restaurants, cafes, shopping possibilities, bars and clubs and is still a quiet area during night time so you will not have problems sleeping (whereas the historic centre can be very noisy at night).

As to the type of accommodation the easiest option if you are just staying for a couple of days is to book a hotel but if you are planning to stay for a longer period it might be more attractive to book your own apartment or an apart-hotel. In apartments or apart-hotels you feel less like you are living away and it is nice to have to the option to cook or make your own breakfast even though you might not use it very often. If you plan to get visits from family or friends then an apartment is defiantly the best option.

The hotels and apartments below are provided in collaboration with BookAssist a world-leading service provider of online hotel and apartment reservation and we can therefore offer a great variety and at the best prices available. If you are interested in further information about or booking a hotel or an apartment please use the search box below.

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