Calender & Holidays in Tenerife

Below you can find a description of local and national holidays and other celebrations in Tenerife.

January 1st New Year's Day – National Holiday

February – March Tenerife Carnival – the Carnival is celebrated in every town and village on the island, with the most spectacular celebrations in the capital, Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz. The festivities include music, parades and street parties that continue into the night.

April – May on Mourn day Thursday and Good Friday in all island towns there are processions to commemorate the Passion and Death of Christ.

June - Corpus Christi. In the town of Orotava carpets are made from flowers and other elements of nature which decorate the street floors over which the procession walks. The greatest and most beautiful flower carpet faces the Town Hall, a fabricated tapestry representing different Bible scenes.

July - The Fiesta of the Virgin Del Carmen takes place in Puerto Santiago culminating in a spectacular show of fireworks.

August - Fiesta of the Virgin de Candelaria, Patron saint of the Canary Islands. Many people congregate to walk over the hills in groups from different parts of the island to give cult to the Dark Virgin. In the morning, solemn Mass is celebrated after which there is a procession with a floral offering.

September - This is a festivity in honour of the Holy Christ of La Laguna celebrated with a procession and fireworks.

November - The San Andres (Saint Andrew) fiestas in Icod are celebrated by young men and boys racing down a steep street on oiled boards. Wine cellars open up to offer new wine to the accompaniment of local folk music called “isles, folias and malagueñas”.

December Christmas and New Year's eve are celebrated with traditional mass.

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