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Leisure & Entertainment in Valencia

Theatres , Opera, Ballet & Classical Music
There are many good productions on offer in Valencia because most major Spanish touring shows stop here as well as some the internationally renowned acts. The new Palau de les Arts, in the City of Arts and Sciences is not only competing with the famous Sydney Opera House in design but it also is attracting the best in opera and performance arts from around the world. TheTeatro Principal is an older venue that presents opera and the performing arts. TheTeatroTalía, in the old historical centre puts on various musical and classical productions.

There are many cinemas in Valencia mostly showing dubbed films, however there are two in the centre that show films in their original version: Plaza del Ayuntamiento is home to Filmoteca, on the fourth floor of the Teatro Rialto building. The other is the two multiscreen cinemas, Albatros (Plaza Frey Luis Colomer) and Babel (10 Calle Vicente Sanho Tello).

Imax Cinema
The Hemispheric building located in the Citu of Science between the science museum and the palace of arts serves as a spectacular IMAX theatre and planetarium. The building itself, was designed by Santiago Calatrava. Its an impressive form of as an eye, known as, “Eye of Knowledge”, and the colossal, which is seen as lids actually open to reveal the setting. Tickets are available at concession booths inside the building for various daily shows.

Sport Entertainment
The Valencia football team is in the top division of the Spanish League and their stadium, Mestalla is very close to the city centre and inexpensive to see a game, though pricing depends on what kind of seat you want. Most tickets can be bought on the day apart from the big games, with Real Madrid and Barcelona for example.

Spanish Entertainment
Although Flamenco is traditional from Andalusia, you can find it in most cities throughout Spain; Valencia being no exception, this city has certainly adopted this music, and has done a very good job in raising it as its own. There are many bars in the historical center wailing in flamenco sounds and at most you pay a small fee of around 5 euros, which normally includes a free drink with your ticket. The following are examples of some steamy live-flamenco joints:

Café del Duende is a magical little bar on the edge of the centre. Here, you can experience the “real deal” as the artists sit at arms-length away and the audience stamp their feet, clap their hands and shout, “ole, ole!” Flamenco can be seen on Thursdays and Fridays from 11.30pm – 1.00am.

Radio City is a retro bar, probably the most popular bar/club in Valencia and there is always a mixture of people from around the world, dancing to its universal tunes. Most nights have a different theme of music, with Tuesday being flamenco night. Many famous local acts perform here and normally you will see not only guitarists and singers but dancers too. The ambience is more of a performance where the audience watches rather than participates.

La Claca attracts a cosmopolitan audience, offering the same flamenco artists as RadioCity, only on a different day and earlier time. Sundays from 8.30 – 10.00pm.

Tour operators. If you are responsible for a group of people who are planning to visit Valencia or other parts of Spain we can help you arrange a number of different activities. Please see our special section Tourist Activities in Spain.

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