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Going Out at Night in Salamanca

If you like going out at night Salamanca is the perfect place to be. The many students living in Salamanca makes the atmosphere by night very cheerful and active everyday of the week. Apart from the students there are many tourist visiting the town all year around. Salamanca is full of different types of establishments, which make it possible for everybody to find something they like.
Spanish nightlife in general starts very late no matter if you are going out for dinner or for 'fiesta'. Bars normally don't get busy until after 24.00 and discos even later.

Bars and Discos
In Salamanca you can find all the bars and discotheques you desire and they are open everyday of the week although Thursday to Saturday are most popular among the Spanish students. The prices are also adapted to the many students living in the town and you can find many bars with special offers (i.e. second drink for free) or the famous "bar de litros", which sell drinks in 'buckets'.
The majority of places to go out are located in the old part of the town but are still divided in different zones. Plaza Mayor with its many terraces is a very popular place (specially during the summer) to begin a night out in Salamanca. In the Bordadores district you can find cafes or bars with life music and medieval decoration. The area around Gran Via is very popular among foreign students and there you can find all kind of theme bars and discos. If you are more interested in alternative music and bars the area surrounding Plaza de San Justo is the perfect place. There you can find everything from hippie and punk bars to techno clubs.

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