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If you are planning to visit Barcelona for business or for pleasure - we can help you find the right hotel in Barcelona. We offer a great amount of hotels and at the best prices guaranteed with discounts up to 75% of official prices. You can furthermore find advice about which part of the city is most suited for you depending on your reasons for visiting Barcelona.
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Hotels Available in Barcelona
Barcelona is big city both in population (with 1.5 million inhabitants) and in the area it covers which makes it more difficult to find the find a suited situation for your stay in Barcelona. When looking for a hotel in Barcelona you should not only take into consideration the category of the hotel and the price but also the location which is very important.

If you are coming to Barcelona to have fun and go out at night you will be better of with a central located hotel in the central areas like L'Eixample / Eixample where you can find a lot bars and disco of all types. You might find cheaper hotels in the outskirts of the city but if you go out at night the money you will have to spend on taxis will properly be the same as what you have saved in the hotel so why not choose a nice central located hotel.

If you plan to visit Barcelona mainly for the cultural aspect the city have to offer and don't plan to go out at night then you can choose between a much wider range of locations. If you want to save money there are some very nice hotels in the outskirts of the city and as the metro connection until midnight are very good you don't have to worry about expensive taxi bills just because you want to go out for a nice dinner.
We can also highly recommend one of the many nice central hostels where you will have everything within walking distance just make sure it is not located door to door to a disco so you can get some sleep at night (look at the reviews of the central hotels before booking or contact us for further information).

If you are going to Barcelona for business purposes we can either recommend one of the many hotels nearby the airport if you are looking for easy access to the airport which is only about 20min away from central Barcelona or you can of course choose a hotel close to where you will be working (if you need advice do not hesitate to write us an email).

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