Student Accommodation in Granada

How to find and book my student accommodation

There are basically two options when looking for student accommodation in Spain. You can either do as Spanish students that start looking for their accommodation upon arrival to Granada or try too book your accommodation in advanced.

Both options have its advantages - by booking in advance you will have a place to stay upon arrival and by looking for a place upon arrival you will make sure that the accommodation you end up with is something you are satisfied with.

On the internet you can find several websites specialised in offering student accommodation or sites like ours that have a section with classified ads where you can find rooms and flats available or include an ad yourself requesting student accommodation (see below for more info).

You should though be very careful about booking and paying for student accommodation before you have seen the actual room, flat or neighbourhood. Very frequently you will find some nice photos or get a promising description about the accommodation and when you arrive it is completely different. This is the main reason why Spanish students normally do not book before they have seen the actual accommodation.

Unless you book through a trusted agent that can offer some type of guarantees (See information about Granada Flatmate below). We recommend that you use the internet or agents like Granada Flatmate to get information and to arrange to see the accommodation upon arrival but unless you are almost indifferent about the type of accommodation you end up with you should be careful about paying in advanced.

  Classified Ads offering student accommodation and cheap hotels
Take a look at our classified ads where you can post a free ad or go through existing offers.
Or try this link if you are looking for a cheap hotel for a couple of nights.

A good option is to start out with booking a room in a cheap hotel for 2-5 nights and then spend your first days looking for accommodation. Although it might seem intimidating having to look for accommodation in a foreign country and your Spanish might not be very good you will nearly always find other foreign and Spanish students in the same situation that can help you.

Good Luck

Find a Place to Stay Affordably with Granada Flatmate

Granada Flatmate

Are you coming to study in Granada and are looking for an affordable place to live? If so you can rely on Granada Flatmate to help you find a room in a shared flat at a good price.

Granada Flatmate connects people interested in visiting or living in Granada with flat and house owners in the city. You'll find information about each location, complete with descriptions, pictures and pricing.

Approximate costs for the different accommodation options are:

  • Weekly rooms: 100€
  • Monthly individual rooms: 160€ to 350€
  • Monthly double rooms: 220€ to 450€

For specific prices and further information, log on to Granada Flatmate and arrange your accommodation in Granada now!


  Are you looking for Student Accommodation in Granada? Try also our classified ads!
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We can also recommend our New Granada Forum where you discuss anything related to Granada.

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