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Add a customized Google Map to your site

Spanish Town Guides makes it easy to add a free custom Google Map to your website in just a few steps. Besides including your business location on the map, you'll also be able to display other places of interest for your site visitors (a hotel, for example, may want to show nearby leisure and cultural attractions).

How does it work?

Simply fill out the form below to provide information about your company and website . Steps 2 and 3 involve choosing which location categories you'd like to display on the map and marking your business location.

Once you submit the form, you'll receive an email containing the code you'll need to include the map on your website (basic HTML skills will be required for this step).

1 Company Information

Your website's URL (ex: Be sure to include the entire address.

Your company's name.

Please provide us with a short description of your company and its services. You can use <<strong>, <em> and <br> HTML tags (any other tag will be striped).

Upload a photo or company logo. The image will be automatically resized to 320x240 pixels so we recommend using these dimensions.

Select an icon to be used on the map as the marker for your business location.

To insert a YouTube video into the map, go to the video's source page on and copy the 'Embed' code to the right under the video's description (it starts with: <object width=\"425\"...).

The text describing your website that will appear clickable on the map (ex: MyWeb).

Your website's URL (ex: Be sure to include the entire address.

Please provide your full name, excluding company title.

We'll send you a confirmation to verify your company's details and provide you with the necessary HTML code.

2 Location & Categories

Select a province from the list above. Only the 9 provinces covered by Spanish Town Guides are currently available.

Please enter the city or nearest metropolitan area.

Please indicate the location categories you'd like to include alongside your business location (ex: a hotel may want to display nearby restaurants, museums or bus stations).

3Set your business location marker

Indicate your business location on the map.

You can zoom in and out using the + / - buttons at the top left corner or with the scroll function on your mouse. When you've found the exact location, just click on the map. If you accidentally misplace the marker you can move it by clicking on another location on the map or by dragging and dropping the marker.

Click the button below to receive your customized Google Map and instructions via e-mail (please make sure you've filled in the e-mail field above).

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