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Museo del Prado - The biggest and most famous museum in Spain with more than 18.000 paintings, sculptures and other pieces of art of artists like Goya, Velazquez and Zurbaran.

Reina Sofia - The second great museum in Madrid with modern art with artist like Picasso and Miro.

Thyssen-Bornemisza - A formed private collection which has been collected by the Thyssen family and sold to the Spanish state in 1992.

The Cerralbo museum is located in the palace of the Marquis of Cerralbo and contains some important works of Zurbaran, Van Dyke and El Greco.

The Lazaro Galdian Museum contains works of Goya, Murillo and Ribera and other European painters.

The Museum of Decorative Arts is dedicated to show Spanish decorative objects from the past.

The National Archeology Museum contains a great variation of remains from the different cultures which have had influence in Spain (Roman, Arab etc.).

The Wax Museum includes historical figures (Spanish and International), a "scary ride" in a train and a movie about the history of Spain.

The Bullfighting Museum contains general information about the history and origins of bullfighting as well as a part dedicated to legendary figures of bullfighting.

The National Museum of Science contains information and examples of the history and life on the Earth and the nature on Earth.

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